Curriculum Vitæ [DRAFT]

Contact Information

Photo og me
  • Name: Nihad Eminović
  • Address: Ærøvej 4, 2. TH DK-4200 Slagelse
  • Cell Phone: +45 31 41 90 93
  • Email:
  • Citizenship: Danish
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Place of Birth: Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Date of Birth: 31-03-1979

Professional Summary

Multimedia Integrator that started working in a hotel business, while still retaining his integration skills. While working at the hotel, beside from gaining servicing skills, I’ve developed a craving for doing things smarter and not harder. So a good deal of time, I’ve been working on improving productivity for front-desk staff at the hotel. Developing small and big tools that could offload staff labour. Improving efficiency at workplace by 20-30%. All this, made me look into all aspects of hotel and start seeing new ways of doing things. In return, we have been noticing improved happiness and satisfaction on work place, and improved service ratings.

So this is of course is something I wish to work further on, and make people happy doing less, achieving more.

Beside my hospitality work, I’ve been freelancing on Multimedia project, mostly programming and building websites and online shops. This is something I enjoy doing and keeping up with development in this field.

Areas of Expertise

Hotels lives and breathes for service, by working in the hospitality business, service is a skill that is second nature to me. Being able to recognize individual needs and reading peoples intentions is essential in getting best service for each guest. My background and interest in IT, combined with programming and design, allows me to see patterns in how to do things differently — out of the box thinking. Programming skills allow me to further advance the out of the box thinking, into a practice and into a workflow that actually is contributing to more productivity and focus on customers needs and not so much on how to perform tasks.


PHP programming

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Mail server






Work Experience

01/11/2008 —

Night Manager - Scandic Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Task that are already included in Night Auditor position (see below), plus following;

  • Training and hiring of new staff
  • Shift planning
  • Managing hotel during night while other managers are abscent
  • Auditing and preparing reports for financal department
  • Guest service
  • Procedure optimisation
    • Night shift
    • hotel in general
    • developing new tools and procedures in collaboration with other team members
17/04/2006 — 31/10/2008

Night Auditor - (Hilton) Scandic Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Front-desk clerk and Night Auditor

  • Servicing the guests
  • Check in-/out
  • Handling reservations
  • Handling cashiers for front-desk and the Shop
  • Night Audit
  • Security
01/03/2004 — 28/10/2005

Night Auditor - La Méridien Palace, Copenhagen

Front-desk clerk and Night Auditor

  • Servicing the guests
  • Check in-/out
  • Handling reservations
  • Handling cashiers for front-desk and the Shop
  • Night Audit
  • Security


02/08/1999 — 29/06/2001

Multimedia Integrator, Odense Technical College

The Multimedia Integrator manufactures and implements applications and databases, integrating audio, video, graphics and text into interactive interfaces for example; big as small websites, e-commerce and in games.

There are also different production tasks that include development and programming in both .NET and other programming languages, screen design, image processing and processing of different media files, for example; streaming. Multimedia integrators also work with audio and video.

Skills obtained:

  • Web development (HTML, CSS)
  • Programming (PHP, JavaScript)
  • Video editing (Premiere, Shake)
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • Audio editing
  • Project managment and planning
04/08/1997 — 26/06/1998

Multimedia Graphics Designer, Roskilde Technical College

Forty weeks course that introduced me to graphic design and concept.

Skills obtained:

  • Colour & form
  • Composition
  • Photoshop / image manipulation
  • Illustrator
  • QuarkXPress / DTP
16/09/1985 — 26/06/1992

Compulsory Education (8 years)

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, compulsory education is 8 years long.

Digital Competence

  • Expert skills:
    • Office packages (Microsoft / OpenOffice / etc.)
    • Operating Systems (Windows, macOS, GNU Linux, BSD)
    • Web development (PHP / PERL / HTML / CSS)
    • Adobe Suite (graphics/illustration)
    • Maxon Cinema Studio (3D modelling)
    • SQL Database (design, optimisation, usage)
  • Advanced skills:
    • Micros POS
    • Opera PMS
  • Others
    • There are really no others levels. I do things properly or I do not do them.